Court costume wigs Prevail

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The meaning of wearing wigs has several different sayings. Some people think that judges and lawyers wear the specified style according to their identity. And it is obviously fake wigs, giving people "inhuman" feeling, symbolic legal impartiality, judge wearing wigs on behalf of the removal of selfishness, become the embodiment of the rule of law, impartial handling of cases, with the judicial requirements of the precise and stressed stability and balance. It is also argued that the judiciary is a formal and solemn act, which is very ceremonial, not the streets inside casual behavior, judges, lawyers wearing gray-white wig, it is a sense of honor, in line with the traditional society in the World Cave Ming, the sophistication of the elderly people as mediators of the habit, judge wearing wigs, the ruling is easier to convince, also representing the authority and importance of judges. There is also a view to protecting judges, lawyers, judges ' judgments and lawyers ' defences, which may cause some dissatisfaction, and wear wigs to disguise their identities and to say that they have no enmity with the accused, irrespective of how the judgement is only exercised by the law.

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