Wig Africa-Ancient Egypt

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The ancient Egyptians began to use wigs more than 4,000 years ago, but also the world's earliest use of wigs in the early dynasties began to become popular, Old Kingdom from the third to the Sixth Dynasty, common to men and women wearing wool mixed hair made of wigs. The length of the wig, the style varies according to the social status and the Times. From the Middle Kingdom, regardless of wealth, status, gender, hair and beard shaving, wearing a wig, fake beard, only when the blue will be allowed to grow hair, otherwise will be ridiculed. For this phenomenon, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus believed that the ancient Egyptians felt that the sun would make the skull harden, but there was no scientific basis and could not explain the habit of wearing wigs. Later some people think that ancient Egyptians love clean, hair, beard easily filth, so the hair, beard shave, wear to prevent the head from the sun sunburn wig, but some people questioned wearing a wig to replace the real hair is not necessarily better than leaving the hair clean. It was suggested that although ancient Egypt could wear wigs, except for untouchables, but the style of the wigs in different strata has strict rules, not transgression, Zhao Lihang in the wisdom of Ancient Egypt, a book to put forward this view, he thought that ancient Egyptians wearing wigs is to distinguish the distinction, rank, and shape the glorious image of Pharaoh. Has political purpose and social significance. In addition to fake hair, pharaoh, male nobles and officials and also have fake beards, are symbols of identity and power.

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