Hair Cleaning

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The purpose of washing head is to wash away the dirty things on the scalp and hair, so that the scalp can breathe well, to protect the hair, will often wash the head and massage, so that hair is often in clean state. Every time before washing hair, it is best to take a moment to comb the hair first, then the knot to untie the tie, comb hair is the motive of the scalp dirt and hair of the dirt, use the action of combing it to comb away. Wash hair, first water to soak, and then use shampoo. At the beginning, the shampoo is poured into the hair, and then rubbed with the finger belly like a massage. Used to clean the epidermis of the scalp, because the hair is prone to scalp sebum and sweat soiled, should be carefully rubbed. The second use of the first shampoo the dosage of half of the washing, washed after cleaning with water, until the hair is thoroughly not shampoo.

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