Hair Loss Troubles

- Apr 25, 2017 -

Hair has its own life, long to a certain length, the life of the end, its own old death, naturally will fall off, this is a normal phenomenon. It is the case that anyone has, and is often, a U-turn. Abnormal U-turn is due to the effect of hair growth. The growth of hair needs nutrition, and nutrition is transported by blood, if a person chronically ill, weak body, insufficient blood gas, body nutrition is very poor, hair will be due to lack of nutrition, poor growth and short-lived fall off. Such people can easily lose their hair, but also more. When someone has had a big illness, the hair fell sparse, may be this reason.

People with excessive brain, or often preoccupied, depressed, or encountered something, the spirit of too nervous, so that the brain has been a great stimulus, and sometimes affect the supply and growth of hair nutrition. Because all activities of the human body are the brain tube, the brain is stimulated, activities disorderly footsteps, not normal function, it is bound to stimulate the body's nutrition, the situation of hair loss. Some people encounter what is too excited, the brain is strongly stimulated, the spirit is not normal, sometimes overnight the hair on the head off a large, people say is "Chito", in fact, this is to take off.

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