Wig Asia-China History

- Apr 25, 2017 -

In recent years, because people's life rhythm is accelerating unceasingly, the life pressure unceasingly enlarges, causes many people to appear the symptom that the hair falls gently, plus many people like often changing hairstyle, in order to reduce the injury to the hair, the wig becomes their best choice. According to the Love-run reissue center study found that the Chinese people have a long habit of wearing wigs, initially for the upper social women's ornaments, added to the original hair, make it more dense, and can make more complex bun. In the spring and Autumn period wig prevailed, to the Han Dynasty according to the Zhou Li, formulated hairstyle and hair ornaments. Three Kingdoms Period women also commonly used fake bun; after Northern Qi, the form of fake bun to the direction of singularity, until the Yuan Dynasty when Han women began using a fake bun called Shan bun. The Qing dynasty appeared in the Shan bun style still many, but after the founding of the Republic of China, hairstyle turned simple, less use of wigs, fake bun.

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