Wig Develops Asia-Japan

- Apr 25, 2017 -

Japanese traditional hairstyle also often coupled with a wig comb, Japanese said wigs for Shan ("Shan" in ancient Chinese meaning of the beautiful hairstyle, no wig righteousness, Japanese kana "かつら" written Chinese characters "Shan"). Wig in Japan has a long history, it is said that the original Japanese songs and dances, people have used grass and flowers stalk and vines on the head decoration. "Ancient Affairs" and "the Japanese book Ji" has mentioned the pigment of the Shan to obtain heaven shines the big God's bun, "the" and eight Hanshin 500 Imperial commission, although "ancient" and "Japanese book Ji" content contains many myths and legends, not necessarily consistent with the historical facts, but according to the two books in the book era, the Japanese upper society generally used wigs should not be late in the Nara era.

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